Thursday, April 11, 2013


Here at Ebiken, although our passion is shrimps, we like some hobbyists enjoy other aspects of the hobby itself. We use to have a passion for bettas (breeding and working with the genetics of how to get a specific color and finnage), although that wasn't very long lived as we were running out of space to healthily raise all the fry. Another passion we use to enjoy a lot was planted tanks with high tech CO2 along with discus, saltwater systems which were non-tropical but coldwater pacific setups, and now we have begun our fascination with monster fish as well. This branch of the blog from the Ebi-ken family will be based on the monster fish we have encountered or have experienced with. It will also be a collection of experiences we have with other passions in the hobby. M.Ken Studio, short for Monster Ken Studio will also begin to import / export high quality Arowana's, Stingrays and Peacock Bass.

High Quality F2 Royal Galaxy P14
Baby Leopardi Stingray's feeding on market prawns already! YUM!